Healthy Feet Mean A Happy Body

| by The Woodhouse Day Spa, under Skincare and Beauty

Some people might not realize this but healthy feet mean a healthy body. The feet contain blood vessels and nerves that connect to the heart, brain, and spinal cord. This kind of interactivity and connectivity will give evidence of certain abnormalities within the body via the feet.

Even the very hairs (or lack thereof) on your toes are indicators of major goings-on inside the body and specifically the heart. For instance, did you know that hairless toes and/or hairless feet are an indication of circulation problems? This means heart disease of some kind.

The feet also reveal diseases and conditions such as diabetes. How? A sore on the foot that takes longer than normal to heal and loss of feeling in the feet. There is therefore no doubt that we all need to maintain healthy feet. Here are some tips for proper foot care:

•    Keep them clean, dry, and adequately moisturized at all times
•    Regular exercise such as bicycling, walking, jogging, and running
•    Pamper your feet with a professional pedicure as often as you can afford
•    Wear shoes, socks, and hosiery that are comfortable and that do not impede circulation

Reflexology is another option for foot care. With this alternative treatment method, pressure is applied to specific points on the feet that are said to be directly connected to major organ systems. The bottom line is; in taking care of your feet you will be helping to take care of your overall health.


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