The Benefits of Using Natural Cosmetics

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The Woodhouse Day Spa
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While many people have embraced the all natural organic health benefits of the food we put in our bodies, what about what we put on it? Of all the beauty products that we smear on our skin everyday can contain hundreds of chemicals that are potentially hazardous to our health. While cosmetics may seem harmless since we only use a small amount, it is the cumulative effects over many years that can be considered as slow poisoning. Switching to chemical free natural cosmetics makes a sense just like eating more natural organic foods.

Natural cosmetics contain many botanical extracts, vitamins, and minerals that can be beneficial to the health of your skin. Extracts such as calendula and aloe vera help improve skin and allow it to breathe and function normally. Vitamin E derived from plants and flowers keeps skin healthy and glowing. There are all types of chemically made beauty products that can irritate your skin causing rashes, pimples, and block your pores. Natural cosmetics are less likely to cause allergic reactions and be more suitable for sensitive skin types.

As natural cosmetics become more popular they are more readily available and can sometimes be made by local artisans. There are also many famous designers making natural cosmetics, and being resourceful and looking for great deals have made them more affordable. All natural, safe to use, and can fit in your budget why not switch its good for you.