Woodhouse Day Spa Orlando Wins Health And Beauty Award

| by Jennifer Wheeler, under Skincare and Beauty

The Woodhouse Day Spa in Orlando will be receiving an award from MyCityBeauty for the best facial in Orlando. MyCityBeauty.com held its first annual health and beauty awards contest for the Orlando area to recognize the businesses offering the best health and beauty services and products.

Loyal Woodhouse Spa patrons spoke up and helped the spa win in the category for best facial by a landslide. There is no doubt that Woodhouse Spa is the place in Orlando to go for an amazing facial.

Guests of Woodhouse go there, not only for the excellent array of over 70 services offered, but also for the “Woodhouse Experience”. Their beautiful facility provides a tranquil atmosphere for guests to “relax, refresh and renew”.  

Regular visitors are known to come back over and over again to see the same therapist or service provider. People rave about their favorite employees on social media sites like Facebook, Yelp and Google.

The spa offers a collection of different facials that can be customized to the guest’s needs. Whether you are looking for skin tightening, wrinkle reducing, anti-aging, skin smoothing, brightening or acne treatment, Woodhouse has a facial for you. They even offer a men’s hot towel facial that features a traditional barber hot towel technique, enriched with nutrients for anti-aging. There are also a list of enhancements that can be added on to a facial customize your experience. They often have specials that offer free enhancements.

The Woodhouse Day Spa, located in Orlando, FL, offers high-end spa treatments and day spa packages for improving beauty and health.  They strive to provide the best atmosphere and customer service to each one of their guests.  Although there are Woodhouse Day Spa’s all over the country, each one is locally owned and operated.

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