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A few hours at the spa are some of the most soothing and mellowing moments that a person’s body and mind can experience. Many day spas offer services that go far beyond just a classic back massage. Let us have a look at some of the offerings of a professional spa service:
Massage therapy: There are two main categories of massages and they are therapeutic and relaxing. Relaxing massages include aromatherapy massages, Swedish massage, and hot stone massage. Therapeutic massages include Shiatsu, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, sports massage, and back massage. 
Body treatments: These usually incorporate a scrub, a massage, and a moisturizing treatment.
Foot treatments: Includes a scrub, stimulating massage, and a pedicure.
Hand treatments: Includes exfoliation, mask, paraffin treatment, massage, a replenishing treatment, and a manicure.
Facial: This includes exfoliation, extraction, masks, peels, massage, and a replenishing treatment.
Waxing: A topical anesthetic may be applied before waxing to lessen the pain. The main  parts of the body that are waxed include various areas of the face, arms, back, bikini area, legs, underarms, and chest.
Manicure: Filing and shaping of the nails, massage, polish, and acrylic nail tip application. Some facilities may offer designs on the nails and/or the application of decals.
Pedicure: A soak, scrub, massage, callus treatment, moisture treatment, and nail treatment are the usual inclusions.
All these wonderful treatments are affordable special indulgences that can and should be enjoyed by both men and women.
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