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     Waxing has a bad reputation for being one of the most painful ways of removing unwanted hair. Many women and men alike would argue though that the pain is worth the results. Waxing, unlike shaving removes hair from the root, because of this, a quality waxing can last for up to 6 weeks or longer.   

     Just about every part of your body can be waxed if you want it to be. Woodhouse spas offer waxing services ranging from a simple eyebrow/lip waxing all the way to Brazilian bikini and full leg waxing. When going in to be waxed, you want your hair to have already grown out to ¼- ½ inches long. If your hair is either too long or too short it will make the procedure either less effective or more painful. Neither of which will make for a pleasant visit. It’s suggested that you shave 3 weeks before your appointment, or simply just trim your bikini area prior to getting waxed.

     Our professionals are trained in making your waxing experience a quick and relatively painless process. Depending on the area that you want waxed, you can expect it to take anywhere from 15 minutes all the way up to an hour. This is a small price to pay though for weeks of silky smooth skin.


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