The Best Orlando Spa Packages Offer Hygienic Pipeless Pedicures

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Orlando Spa Packages Pipeless PedicuresFacilities such as the Woodhouse Spa Orlando offer a range of relaxing, therapeutic spa treatments and Orlando Spa Packages for men and women (dont't forget Mothers Day is just around the corner). Their professionals offer hygienic pipeless pedicures as an individual treatment or as part of a full day package. Many individuals who have tried the experience of a pipeless pedicure will testify that it is one of the most hygienic and relaxing experiences you will ever have.

Before we get into what a pipeless pedicure offers, let us begin by explaining a little bit about pedicure history. According to the history books, pedicures can be traced back many centuries to the ancient Egyptians and Chinese cultures. The color the individual could use to paint their nails was dictated by the individual’s status in society. Color choice today is more a case of personal preference and keeping up with current fashion trends. Individuals today have a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing the color and decorations for their nails.

Apart from the cosmetic aspects, pedicures provide therapeutic and medicinal benefits. In addition to the nails, a pedicure involves the whole of the foot, the ankle and the lower leg. Pedicures are known to be particularly beneficial in helping to remove hard skin on the soles and heels while helping to restore tired aching feet and leg muscles.

The latest pipeless pedicure equipment is rated as being the best hygienic equipment available today. Other types of pedicure systems rely on the water being re-circulated through pipes which become a haven for bacteria. Keeping the pipes bacteria free could be a problem for the operator and a worry for the client. With the pipeless system, clients can relax and enjoy the experience with no need to be concerned about picking up bacteria left behind by previous clients.

After each use, the bowl is emptied and sanitized using industry approved products. Clean fresh water is used to re-fill the sanitized bowl for each client. Once the client is comfortable and ready, the air flow pressure is switched on. The air flow into the sink ensures that all the bacteria are retained in the bowl throughout the clients’ treatment. Once the treatment cycle is completed the bowl sanitizing process starts again.

Clients will benefit from relaxing in the specially designed pedicure chairs. The latest pipeless pedicure spa systems are cleaner and quieter than previous models. The chairs are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation; with many having their own built in music headphones so customers can listen to their favorite music while having their foot treatment.

Whether it is your first pedicure or your tenth, you are guaranteed to enjoy the experience. Your feet, like any other part of your body, will benefit from regular care and attention. A pedicure not only helps to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy, the relaxation gives your whole system a boost.

Select a Spa that offers hygienic pipeless pedicures and many other popular and enjoyable treatments. Plan a full-day or a half-day out on your own or with friends and book several of your favorite treatments. Take full advantage of your visit to the Woodhouse Spa Orlando and sample a variety of Orlando Spa Packages to make you feel and look good.

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